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Mission Fatloss is our weight loss programme that is open to everyone.

We combine eating “clean” with training “mean”! Lots of diets only offer the option to change the way you eat. Here at Mission Fitness we combine both exercise and food to help you lose weight and get back in shape. We are conscious that most peolple don’t have much time to spare so our recipe ideas are simple and our HIIT workouts are quick but extremely effective.

What’s Included?

  •  Daily support through a closed Facebook group
  •  Choice of 5 plans to follow to suit your lifestyle
  •  Weekly weigh in Tuesday 6.45-7.30pm, Wednesday 4.30pm-5.15pm & Mon-Fri 12-1pm
  •  Meal plan ideas and tips from ourselves and others on the plan
  •  Shopping Lists
  •  In club or online weigh, measure & goal setting
  •  Ongoing information about what and why you are clean eating.
  •  Daily 10 mins home workout sessions.
  • Starts first Monday of every month.

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4 Weeks  Fatloss Club Only £30
4 Weeks Fatloss & Unlimited Classes £60
4 Weeks Fatloss, Unlimited Classes & 4 x 30mins PT sessions £90

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